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“Business optimization is key to the strategic positioning of an organization to reach its full potential” – Wayne Chirisa
About us

Who we are

  • Machada Group has established itself as a reputable company in the commodity finance and trading sectors with a strong focus on international trade and finance transactional risk monitoring, collateral- and asset risk management and business sectors.
  • With a focus on tailoring and structuring their clients' business requirements, Machada Group expertise in technology-driven administration, collateral and risk management platforms ensure our clients reduce transactional and commodity trade risk.
  • Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, and subsidiary offices in Switzerland, Mozambique, Zambia & South Africa, the company has been assisting international trade and investment companies in entering the Sub-Saharan African markets with reduced risk since 2016.
  • Our core sector focus is the petroleum and energy industries, covering various petroleum products trade, compliances, stock monitoring and inspection services within the South African and Africa value chains.
  • As our head office is based in Europe, and our services offered spread in various countries, we have the benefit of operating in most currencies and jurisdictions while adhering to strict core values and corporate governance frameworks in each jurisdiction.
Business Management Services

What we do

  • We provide integrated full-service business administration, transactional monitoring, and compliance services, tailored to the specific needs of our clients, whether it's a partially or fully outsourced model.
  • Our petroleum commodity risk, collateral and administration service options are backed by innovative technology-driven management platforms which provide our clients and investors with the highest level of comfort and security.
  • We control, manage and mitigate commodity and trade finance risks from beginning to end in partnership with leading institutional financiers and investors.
  • Our bespoke business trade and collateral platforms are specifically designed to administrate, manage and reduce alternative finance and trade risks for institutional investors and clients in real time.
  • We enter into tri-party Finance & Trade Collateral Management and Fund Administration Management agreements with clients, and institutional and private investors.
  • Machada manages trade portfolios and facilities within pre-agreed commercial terms, mandates and operational parameters set by the supplier, bank or institutional investor. We undertake to originate and service the portfolio and to deliver the required yield as per agreement with the investor.
  • As managing agent our suppliers, investors and banks have the opportunity to set up and configure bespoke eligibility criteria, exclusion rules and concentration thresholds and limits on a range of measures including; credit and debtor parameters respectively , concentration limits, stock management and tracking, economic activity, currency and other industry factors.
iBanq, our Technology Driven Commodity Trade Platforms

Leading Data & Risk Management Platforms

  • The Machada tech solution is the key pillar in our collateral and trade management platform solution.
  • In addition to its innovative proprietary systems, it also includes a data management platform that is embedded into our tech-stack. Machada Group uses this data platform to aggregate and integrate large customer data from multiple data sources and multiple locations onto a single platform, providing a single location from which to virtualize customer data. There is little to no manual intervention required as the data platform is a no-code-low-code environment.
  • Once customer data has been integrated onto the our platform, the data can be viewed, cleaned, mined, transformed and extracted into any format that may be required. The data cleaning process is automated by way of machine learning algorithms, which are embedded in the platform.
  • The data platform is agnostic and can be integrated into any customer tech environment, with little to no disruption. The data platform also has embedded AI capabilities, which enhance data analytics and business insights.
  • Big data is consumed and extracted by way of the platform’s unique data mining capabilities, extracting only the data that is required to provide our customers with valuable business insights.
  • The data platform transforms any data from either structured or unstructured raw data into Standard or ADAM Data as required. We can create customized and/or bespoke data insights from our customer data, using either our own embedded BI capabilities or by integrating the data outputs into any 3rd party BI application, as per customer preference.
  • These business insights can be communicated to and by our customers in any format they wish and can be integrated into our customer’s existing communication tools such as WhatsApp, MS Outlook, MS Teams, Zoom, etc.
  • The time-lapse from raw data at source to intelligent, usable & communicable data at end-user is immediate.

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Compliance and Regulatory Management

Peace of mind Compliance and Regulatory management services

  • The services Machada Group offers falls outside the scope of any requirement for regulatory authority.
  • However, due to the nature of the pivotal role we fulfill on behalf of our investors, we have a keen appreciation of the regulatory requirements the bank and non-bank financial institutions we collaborate with, have to adhere to.
  • Consequently, our systems and operations run with the operational discipline of a financial institution.
Finance and Petroleum Trade Specialists Subsidiary

Machada Capital

  • Machada Capital is a leading expert in petroleum trade and finance, specializing in the bulk import and export of fuel-related products.
  • Our exceptional and experienced leadership team established our finance and trade portfolio focusing on strong strategic partnerships with funding and petroleum suppliers, Machada Capital and partners focus on bulk fuel trade and finance across Southern Africa countries.
  • Our strategic bulk fuel storage facilities at key locations ensure efficient operations. Leveraging our collateral cutting-edge iBanq platforms, investors and clients can monitor trades in real-time, offering transparency and control like never before.
  • Our integration with specialized trade risk platforms further enhances risk management, giving our clients the confidence to trade with peace of mind. At Machada Capital, we are committed to delivering excellence in fuel trade services.

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