Leading Data & Risk Management Platforms

iBanq, our Technology Driven Commodity Trade Platforms
  • The Machada tech solution is the key pillar in our collateral and trade management platform solution.
  • In addition to its innovative proprietary systems, it also includes a data management platform that is embedded into our tech-stack. Machada Group uses this data platform to aggregate and integrate large customer data from multiple data sources and multiple locations onto a single platform, providing a single location from which to virtualize customer data. There is little to no manual intervention required as the data platform is a no-code-low-code environment.
  • Once customer data has been integrated onto the our platform, the data can be viewed, cleaned, mined, transformed and extracted into any format that may be required. The data cleaning process is automated by way of machine learning algorithms, which are embedded in the platform.
  • The data platform is agnostic and can be integrated into any customer tech environment, with little to no disruption. The data platform also has embedded AI capabilities, which enhance data analytics and business insights.
  • Big data is consumed and extracted by way of the platform’s unique data mining capabilities, extracting only the data that is required to provide our customers with valuable business insights.
  • The data platform transforms any data from either structured or unstructured raw data into Standard or ADAM Data as required. We can create customized and/or bespoke data insights from our customer data, using either our own embedded BI capabilities or by integrating the data outputs into any 3rd party BI application, as per customer preference.
  • These business insights can be communicated to and by our customers in any format they wish and can be integrated into our customer’s existing communication tools such as WhatsApp, MS Outlook, MS Teams, Zoom, etc.
  • The time-lapse from raw data at source to intelligent, usable & communicable data at end-user is immediate.

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