What we do

Business Management Services
  • We provide integrated full-service business administration, transactional monitoring, and compliance services, tailored to the specific needs of our clients, whether it's a partially or fully outsourced model.
  • Our petroleum commodity risk, collateral and administration service options are backed by innovative technology-driven management platforms which provide our clients and investors with the highest level of comfort and security.
  • We control, manage and mitigate commodity and trade finance risks from beginning to end in partnership with leading institutional financiers and investors.
  • Our bespoke business trade and collateral platforms are specifically designed to administrate, manage and reduce alternative finance and trade risks for institutional investors and clients in real time.
  • We enter into tri-party Finance & Trade Collateral Management and Fund Administration Management agreements with clients, and institutional and private investors.
  • Machada manages trade portfolios and facilities within pre-agreed commercial terms, mandates and operational parameters set by the supplier, bank or institutional investor. We undertake to originate and service the portfolio and to deliver the required yield as per agreement with the investor.
  • As managing agent our suppliers, investors and banks have the opportunity to set up and configure bespoke eligibility criteria, exclusion rules and concentration thresholds and limits on a range of measures including; credit and debtor parameters respectively , concentration limits, stock management and tracking, economic activity, currency and other industry factors.